Cultural mediator in Blagoevgrad

Nobody knows the extent of his strength until he has tried.


Anastasia Misheva was born in Berdyansk, Ukraine. She is ethnically Bulgarian.

She comes to Bulgaria for the first time on 19.08.2000 as a Law student at the Southwestern University in Blagoevgrad. She has just turned 17, she has no relatives or any kind of acquaintances there, she doesn't speak the language and she's never been to Bulgaria before. 

At age 21 Anastasia completes her Masters in Law and the year after that she also completes her Bachelors in Public Administration at the Southwestern University. She works as a Legal Consultant in private business as well as in state administration. 

In 2009 Anastasia gets married and she goes back to her home town with her husband where they have their first child. They spend 7 years in Berdyansk where Anastasia works at the school, she teaches Bulgarian to grades 7 to 11.

In 2014 the war starts only 60km away from them and, after the shooting in Mariupol in 2016, they make the decision to move away ''forever'' for the third time in Anastasia's life. 

After arriving back in Blagoevgrad, Anastasia starts working as an expert at the National Employment Agency where she works until she goes on maternity leave with her second child. 

On 06.03.2022 the first refugees arrive in Blagoevgrad. Anastasia decides that her Law expertise could be useful  - they can sort out documents together at the Migration office. As someone who has spent 22 years in Blagoevgrad, she helps with translation and looking for accommodation, and as a Bulgarian language teacher she organises an online course that 43 people join. She tries her best to be useful to her newly arrived fellow countrymen. From 01.04.2022 Anastasia starts working as a Hotline Operator with Ukrainian refugees at the Republic of Bulgaria's Council of Ministers.

One morning Anastasia wakes with a particular thought that she immediatelly writes down and she always repeats to herself: Set the highest possible aims for yourself and do your best so you can achieve them in a way that doesn't make you ashamed to put your name next to the accomplished result. 

For Anastasia, it is a great honour and a challenge to accept the work at FAR, believing that together we can achieve anything! 

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