Information Expert with Russian and Ukrainian

We don't have to strive to become angels. It is enough just to be human.

Anna is born in Odesa, Ukraine. She spent her childhood there, and in 2018 she was admitted to Sofia University, where she studied International Relations at the Faculty of Law.

She got to know the field of refugee and migration law through her participation and successful completion of theoretical and practical training of FAR under the project "DEFEND: Preparing a new generation of young defenders of the fundamental rights of refugees and migrants". In 2020 she completed the Summer School of International Law, organized by CIELO.

Anna has also been an intern at FAR since March 2021, participating in the project "Capital of Tolerance in an Era of Pandemic: Students Connect the Academic Community and Non-governmental Organizations to Benefit Refugees and Migrants". The project is executed by the MultiKulti Foundation in partnership with UNCHR and the Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants, and is funded by the Crisis as an Opportunity program of the Sofia Municipality, administrated by the Sofia Development Association. 

From June-August 2021, she was an intern at the Bulgarian Diplomatic Institute at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From September-October 2021, she also passed an internship at the Representation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Odessa.

In February-April 2022, she was an intern in the Crisis Center at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sofia.

Currently, with the support of the Multi-Kulti Organization and the Active Citizens Fund, Bulgaria, she is working for the social and cultural integration of refugees from Ukraine.

She is also a part of the International Public Law Club and is a member of the Student Diplomatic Club.

Languages:  Ukrainian, Bulgarian, English and Russian