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Mariana Petrova has been a lawyer in Dobrich since 2000, and since 2010 is a mediator working in all areas of law.

Her motives for becoming a member of the FAR team are related to sharing the goals of the Program in the field of human rights, ensuring the right to a fair trial and the rule of law in relation to all citizens of the Republic of Bulgaria, foreigners and refugees seeking protection.

During the entire period, she has been giving consultations and providing legal protection - judicial and extrajudicial, both to Bulgarian citizens and to foreigners, including refugees. During this period, Mariana gained professional experience in listening well to every citizen who came to her and finding the necessary and timely help and protection so that the problem could be solved as easily as possible.

Her principle is to be correct and to fight for justice.

Languages: Bulgarian, Russian

МАРИАНА ПЕТРОВА Адвокат, гр. Добрич