Translator with Farsi

NGOs are a good indicator of the needs of a given society. They aim to fill gaps that the state fails to address properly.’

– author’s own quote

Nikol graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Persian studies from Sofia University and a master's in Conservation from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has participated in several international courses and training programs in the fields of Persian language & culture and integration through the means of education.

Nikol has been working with refugees, asylum seekers and migrants since 2013, starting as a Bulgarian language teacher-volunteer then continuing as an interpreter and a translator for various NGOs providing psychological, legal and educational support as well as for UNHCR. Along with these occupations, she continues her work as a teacher for Reachout contributing to the language integration of members of the above-mentioned groups.

Languages: Farsi, English, French

Никол Карапеева Преводач с фарси