Social Media Officer

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

Petya Petrova loves to learn, to read and write, but above all she loves to share and help others. For her it is really important to be helpful to society with the things she does.

Petya is a Mom of a beautiful daughter. Petya is an activist, focused on action. Her personal cause is the prevention of anxiety disorders that are a real pandemic right now worldwide. According to her, the only way to succeed with prevention is to prepare children from the earliest childhood for the challenges of Life. She believes that the tool that works best for this is storytelling.

She is writing children's stories for the "Ready for Life" series, and is helping parents and teachers to speak with their children about the important things in Life like family, friendship, empathy, kindness, etc. The stories are based on social-emotional intelligence, practicing mindfulness,practicing gratitude and developing a growth mindset.

Petya Petrova has managerial experience in building and developing various organizations. She also has experience in the education system and in marketing and advertising. 

She joined FAR in the role of Social Media Expert in 2023 with the belief that together they can help and change the lives of more people.

Петя Петрова