Roma at risk of statelessness



In 2020 Foundation for Access to Rights – FAR implements the project "Roma at risk of statelessness". The project is conducted with the financial support of the European Network on Statelessness with a duration until December 2020.

In the implementation of the project, FAR examines the legal issues in regard to the situation of persons from the Roma minority who are at risk of statelessness in Bulgaria or are severely restricted in having access to their rights deriving from their citizenship.

The aim of the project is to contribute to bridge the knowledge gap and to raise awareness among civil society, institutions and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) about the risk of statelessness among the Roma community in Bulgaria. Through advocacy and communication campaign presenting the stories of Roma people at risk of statelessness, we want to offer solutions to systemic deficiencies that deprive Roma of access to their citizenship due to the inability to issue personal documents or register the birth of their children. Through this project, FAR aims to build long-term contacts with lawyers and other experts defending the rights of Roma in Bulgaria, as well as to create an environment for mutual exchange of experience and knowledge.

The project activities include:

  1. Detailed study and analysis of the legislation and the policies which affect Roma communities and their access to the rights deriving from their Bulgarian citizenship.
  2. Conducting focus groups and interviews with people from the Roma community and other interested persons and identifying their problems.
  3. Preparation of an information and advocacy report based on the conducted research. The full report can be found on “Advocacy Report on the Risk of Statelessness of the Roma Population”.
  4. Presentation of individual stories of persons from the Roma community as part of our communication and advocacy strategy.

You can read the individual stories on the following links: