Email from a beneficiary - 18 October 2021

"Hi Valeria,

I hope you are well, yourself and your family.

I haven't said anything to answer this email, because every time I open it, words crowd up in my head and I can't pick and choose.

Do I thank you! Do I celebrate in joy!

So I have decided to fully open the faucet.

I am overjoyed, but not just because of the court's decision, but for the whole past 3 years, I'd thank you but.. I can hear your voice in my head, saying "don't thank me, thank god", and believe me, I do thank god, because I was blessed with having known you.

During the last meeting, you said that you have two roles to play concerning me, which is perhaps a hard task, I understand, but .. your absolute role to me is being someone I look up to, learn from, and ...fully respect.

Some people pay for a teacher, others climb mountains to find one, but thank god I was simply blessed with a great one.

I shared with a dear friend, the transition, during those 1st days of "meeting a lawyer named Valeria",.... to my eyes getting wide open to the reality, and I think it's worth being written and published! And I will tell you my side of the story one day, maybe you'll enjoy it.

Yet still, we say "He who thanks not the people, thanks not God", so ..

Thank you!