Testimonial from our trainee Viktoriia Palahniuk

I am glad to inform that I was accepted as an intern in a Bulgarian non-governmental organization dedicated to assisting migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and stateless people in achieving practical access to rights and defending them from arbitrary right deprivation in Bulgaria. Assistance for Ukrainians, who fled Ukraine as a result of Russia’s full invasion in February 2022 is urgently needed right now. The organization's main initiatives include legal aid, research, information exchange, and advocacy work.

I conducted research on emerging legal issues in the field of migration and asylum and identified gaps and challenges in the provision of legal aid within the Bulgarian context. I did research regarding possibility to withdraw from temporary protection status in Bulgaria and apply in another Member State. 

Also, I did research about possibility to apply directly for international protection for Ukrainian citizens, without applying for temporary protection. And possibilities to apply for Bulgarian citizenship. 

Moreover, I responded to inquiries from migrants, refugees, and other stakeholders seeking legal information and assistance and visited partner organizations, such as Caritas in Sofia, ICRC. 

Also, every week on Tuesday and Friday I was present during visiting hours for beneficiaries in the office of organization. I was present during legal aid sessions of lawyers for refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine and other conflict-affected countries. 

I am excited to contribute to work as an intern in the Digital Communications and Liaison Migrantlife.bg Team and gain my first professional experience in the area of refugee and migration law. I have learned from the work and experiences of my colleagues as well as obtained practical experience in the field.

Viktoriia Palahniuk

Testimonial from our trainee Viktoriia Palahniuk