Waiting to belong: Inshirah/ Gynecologist

"Bulgaria is my second country"

Inshirah is a 57 years old gynaecologist, born in Palestine. Over thirty years ago, she arrived in Bulgaria to study at the Medical University in Sofia, specialising in gynaecologist. After graduating, she returned to Gaza and started working as an obstetrician, quickly rising to become the head of gynaecology. Like most Palestinians, Inshirah is stateless. In 2018, the worsening of the war forced her to return to Bulgaria, where she applied for international protection. She did not choose to use the statelessness determination procedure, because under the Law on Foreigners, while the state considers the application, she wouldn’t be allowed to work, to have health insurance and even to obtain temporary permission to stay in the country, something that is granted to all asylum seekers.