SOS hotline expert; Expert in projects

Action without knowledge is fatal. Knowledge without action is useless.

– Mary Beard

Olga is born in Ukraine, Mykolaiv, and is an ethnic Bulgarian.

She received her education at the Kyiv Institute of Culture in Decorative Applied Art, artist-designer, specialist in weaving technologies and at the Black Sea National University "Peter Mogila" in Nikolaev, Ukraine. She holds a Master's degree in Philology. In 2020, Olga defends her dissertation at Kliment Ohridski University of Bulgarian Philology and receivs a Doctorate degree.

In her professional experience, Olga has worked at the South Slavic Institute at the Kyiv Slavic University and the Black Sea National University "Peter Mogila" as a Bulgarian language teacher at the departments of Slavic philology. She hasalso worked in the administration of the city of Nikolaev as the mayor of the Ternovka district.

Olga has experience in public sector as the deputy chairman of the Nikolaev regional Bulgarian society "Ivan Vazov"; as adirector of the Center for Bulgarian Language and Culture, from 2013 to the present; and as a director of the Bulgarian Sunday school "Todor Minkov", Nikolaev. She was awarded the title of "Person of the Year" by the Association of Bulgarians in Ukraine, for many years of active patriotic activity and contribution to the study of the linguistic and cultural heritage of Bulgaria in Ukraine. Olga has numerous diplomas, certificates and letters of appreciation. 

Olga is the leader of many projects related to education and culture, social equality and democratic values.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, she has begun active voluntary work.


Олга Колот